Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles
Edd Donovan in the studio
Edd Donovan in the studio

EDD DONOVAN is a highly distinctive contemporary folk, singer‐songwriter. Originally from the North of England, he has made his home in Cheltenham. His songs reflect not only his interest in folk music and the work of such performers as Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Loudon Wainwright, Nathaniel Rateliff, Fleet Foxes and Bowerbirds. A father, social worker and musician, he has a rare, original talent. Inspired by nature, community and simplicity, he writes songs with a fire that will challenge as well as warm. He self‐released an EP and album in 2006, toured a little and began garnering praise for his music

"Life, according to the Gospel of Edd is something to be cherished. Something we should make the most of" BBC Gloucestershire

He returned to the music scene in 2013 with a new collection of songs and a growing collective of excellent musicians around him called The Wandering Moles. Contributors to the album include Paul Arthurs (drums, percussion), Chads Bradbury (keyboards, vocals), Chris Collins (lead guitar), Jane Bartholomew (vocals), Matt King (fretless bass), Bex (vocals) and James Agg (double bass).

Edd has recently been introduced by the online contemporary folk magazine, Folkgeek, which describes his "poetical prowess akin to Fionn Regan" along with "infectious melodies...beautiful harmonies and captivating and compelling vocal style".

Why not visit the Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles at www.edddonovan.co.uk

Debut single 'House On Fire' is release 7th April 2014.
Debut album, 'Something To Take The Edge Off', is released 28th April 2014 on CD, vinyl and download.