The first artist to be signed by Paper Label, and in fact the reason for the label's existence, Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles are set for big things in 2014. Their much anticipated album 'Something To Take The Edge Off' features all original songs, which define Edd as a contemporary master of his craft. Inspired by nature, community and simplicity, he writes songs with a fire that will challenge as well as warm. Edd and The Moles will be touring in April and at various festivls throughout the summer.
EP 'House On Fire' is released 7th April 2014 on dowload.
Album 'Something To Take The Edge Off' is released 28th April 2014 on CD, vinyl and download.
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Birmingham based masters of sonic textures, odd time signatures and bizarre song titles …and Upstairs, Nurses have been in the studio to record the first session for their first full length album. This charismatic trio break all the rules with their indefinable sound. You can listen to their songs over and over and still want to hear them again, such is the richness of their compositions.
Their debut album is due for release in 2014.
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