Paul and Chads Label owners Chads and Paul in the studio

Paper Label Records is a brand new label owned and operated by Chads Bradbury and Paul Arthurs. They have worked together as a freelance engineer and producer team for over 15 years and, having been hired by many independent artists to produce top quality recordings that ended up in the netherworld of musical obscurity, decided it was high time that the artists they work with had a viable outlet for their music.

The label is not genre specific, but all artists signed to the label have the common ground of being creative and exciting. Paul and Chads only work with artists they are genuinely enthusiastic about and only put out music that they wholeheartedly believe in. They have eclectic taste and this is reflected in the myriad of artists and styles that they have worked with over the years.

The label's current focus is on folk singer-songwriter Edd Donovan and his collective The Wandering Moles. Edd has recently recorded an album entitled "Something To Take The Edge Off" for Paper Label and this is due for release in Spring 2014. It's a beautiful album of ten, mostly acoustic, songs. To learn more about Edd and the Moles please visit

The label's upcoming recording schedule is centred around Birmingham based Math Rock band …Â…and Upstairs, Nurses who have recently completed writing material for their first full length album. Chads and Paul recorded an EP with them in 2010 and felt that a full album by the band was something that Paper Label would be foolish not to produce. Watch this space…

In addition to the label's official output Paul and Chads also run a young artist development program where they work with young bands in their local area. The idea is to give them the opportunity to record and develop their sound and skills and help them to build an awareness of promotion and audience building. They feel that this is an important role a label should take, to encourage new talent that will hopefully mature into something that can be released. They are currently working with teenage Cheltenham band Delicate Holly.

If you'd like to know more about the label or wish to contact us for any other reason please go to the contact page.